Real-Life Supervillains

Promotional media for the 2017 Summer Sermon Series at Everyday Church London — ‘Real-Life Supervillains… and how to beat them’.

Consisting of an A1 and A4 poster series, digital media, social media graphics, PowerPoint designs and a sticker series.

Supervillain Illustrations by Ben Guy. 

A1 Posters

RLS Supervillains A1 Poster v1 (Mockup)RLS Supervillains A1 Poster v2 (Mockup)

A4 Posters

RLS Supervillains A4 Poster v1 (Mockup)RLS Supervillains A4 Poster v2 (Mockup)


RL Supervillains — Sticker Mockup v1b.jpgRL Supervillains — Sticker Mockup v2RL Supervillains — Sticker Mockup v3

Digital design


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