About Me

Hello! I’m Alex Donne-Davis. I’m a Graphic Design graduate, with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design, after studying at the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom.

I have a passion to communicate or use information which often goes unnoticed—whether this is a seating layout on an aircraft used to inspire and define the grid layout of a brochure, or disregarded receipts found on a pavement in South London used to create a catalogue showing information on spending habits. The overlooked or undiscovered excite me.

While I’m open to working with all aspects of the subject, I’m mainly interested in branding, print, editorial and information design. I’m fascinated with structure and how information is used and communicated in design. Consequently anything disseminating information well—including: a train timetable, a Tube map or a piece of beautiful wayfinding—will always excite and influence me!